I began photographing professionally for a local newspsaper at the age of 16, finding the importance in every aspect of creating images with a camera, I went on to graduate with a BFA in Photography from TISCH school of arts at NYU, and open a boutique lifestyle studio in CT in 2011.  I love the decisive moments of photography, then creating beautiful art to love, cherish, and pass down.  

Photographing people, capturing a moment, and preserving a memory that will last a lifetime has become my life's work. We make up our lives by the stories we tell and the images we remember.  I look forward to meeting you and capturing your unique beauty, strength, joy, courage, and legacy. 

Private Portraits has a focus on sophisticated boudoir imagery, with the knowledge that the transformative experience of being beautifully photographed, and creating artwork that comes to life on the walls of your home, can serve as a daily reminder of inspiration, bravery, and become a beautiful part of your story. 



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